The administration

In the bylaws of the congreation the highest power of decision has the meeting of the congreation,which is selecting fo three years time 

  • The chairman of congreation is the chairman of the board
  • The board

 The confidentals of the congregation are:

  • The chairman of the board
  • The vice chairman of the board
  • The secretary
  • The treasurer
  • The superintendent
  • The deputies in other localities

The functionaries of the congregation

  • The imam
  • The muezzins
  • The teacher
  • The chef of the bureau

The committees

  • The committee of religious matters
  • The social committee
  • The committee of burial and graveyards things
  • The committee of the mother tongue
  • The committee of advisory and administrative things
  • The committee of financial things
  • The committee of foreign affairs