Islam was born in the beginning of 600 century in Arabian peninsula and proliferated rapidly with the prophet Muhammad’s tuition to outside of the peninsula to North Africa from eastern Mediterranean as far as to the Atlantic Ocean and to the Middle-East. It institutionalized its status as one of the main religiouses in the world and has achieved constantly new confessors among different nations.

Islamic world runs nowadays from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean and composes chiefly of Asian and African nations. The Confessors of Islamic faith are now counted to be about 1,6 million.

Functional Islamic communities are compounded in different sides of the world. One of the farest communities is in Finland living muslim.

The Finnish-Islamic Congreation is the cherisher of the heritage of the muslims who once reached Finland and the connecting factor living here. The Congreation and closely working muslims are a part of the Finnish culture and the diversity of the community.